Christmas Pudding: Hamster Kitchen


  1. These food you are making for your hamster is making it sick and not good or healthy for them. Don’t ever make these kids of foods for hamster again. .:( >:(

    1. Excuse me, this is all pretend. We don’t even have a hamster!!!! No one is feeding a hamster anything. There is NO hamster!!!

      1. For the last time. . . .this is a video of a hamster from YouTube!!! ! This is NOT our hamster! We do not have a hamster! This is a video uploaded from YouTube.

  2. If you can read, you read that the food was made from HAMSTER PELLETS!!! Everything that went into the recipe is edible for hamsters!!!!! Furthermore, we did not make this video!!! It was uploaded from a different site!! You don’t know what you are talking about!!!

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