I am on TV!

I am six years old. I am at Dickinson Elementary. And I was trying to make Friendship Soup but then a bunch of people came in the room and started recording me. But my mom did not cry.

Please watch the video above.


  1. That is BIG news!!! I saw it on TV! I was so proud of you and mom and Ms. Shirley! I cried when I saw it on TV! I can’t believe you were on TV! That is Awesome!!! 💗

  2. I was so proud of you , your mom, and your teacher on TV today. You did real well and it was nice of your mom to nominate your teacher for the award.

  3. Nice video Chef Marshall. Chef Marshall looked on as Ms. Shirley was surprised by the TV reporter. Guess what, no green screen.
    You really did good. I was so proud of you. I saw it this morning and had to watch it over and over. I would like to hear from you what you thought when they all walked in. I heard you say “Mom”.

  4. You were really surprised! You looked to the door and you said “Mom”. I am really proud of you, Great Job! It was fun being on TV but scary at the same time. I think you did great. Paw-Paw

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